Cook and Chatterbox

I love eating and cooking, languages and last but not least, I love human beings. What else could I do in life but join my passions? As a cooking enthusiast since childhood, life has taken me a long way, in different directions, to land in Madrid, a city that has captivated me with its cozy and authentic soul.
My wife teases me saying I could not be more Italian: I move my hands excessively while speaking, I am very extroverted and exaggerated, and when I take the word there is no one who can take it from me. She’s right, but I don’t like monologues, a good conversation always needs at least two points of view. I love to chat with our guests and exchange stories and wishes for the future. Food and human interactions give me the most beautiful and fulfilling moments of my life. My greatest desire is to continue creating authentic experiences so that our guests can feel the same gratification and happiness that I feel having them over.


Perfectionist and pastry lover

They say that opposites attract and, if it’s true, they will now understand why I married Isotta.
I am a little shy so, for many, what we do is strange having a personality like mine. However, I discovered that intimacy and closeness of social dining, pull a side of me that I usually only show my loved ones, a version that I would dare to say even, is funny The environment is conducive to creating close relationships, which is what I value most.

In addition, as my title says (contributed by Isotta, of course), I pay close attention to detail and love pastries, so my contribution to our events always goes this way. Together with Isotta, I hope to build a community around good food, good talks and exchange of experiences. If the world ends tomorrow, I hope that my grain of sand has been to have created an unforgettable and valuable experience for our guests.